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Workplace by facebook

The workplace is much more decentralised today than it was in yesteryear, making the remote tool a necessity. There are many remote work tools & software available in the market but all comes with a catch. They don’t look like any platform you’ll use in your normal work space but seems like Facebook realised this issue.

A decade ago,

Back in the Facebook office days, an engineer created groups that were limited to the internal team for working remotely and turned out it increased productivity, reducing their reliance on emails. This then led to the innovation of Workplace by Facebook.

What is workplace by Facebook?

Workplace by facebook is a mobile & web app that aims at keeping remote teams communicate, collaborate and connect while working remotely using familiar Facebook features like chat, video chats and groups & other technical resources.

Workplace allows the teams to chat, host a virtual group brainstorm session or following up live presentation via Facebook live across the world in real-time. Besides, it can track a company’s employee working performance in a dashboard with analytics.

Workplace profile is different from your personal Facebook profile. There is no connection between the two. Workplace profile works using your work email address and not your email address.

The platform also comes with intra as well as intercompany shared space where employees from different organisations can work together.

Retailers (Walmart, Starbucks, Campbell, Clarins UK Group), to innovative airlines (Delta, Virgin Atlantic, AirAsia, EasyJet), financial institutions (RBS, Sun Life Financial, Zurich, Baoviet, NAB), complex enterprises (Vodafone, AstraZeneca, GSK, Telenor) fast-moving disruptors (Spotify,, Lyft, Deliveroo, Hyperloop) another local business are some of the active customers of Workplace.

Facebook Workplace Features?

There are two large sections of people who stand affected by Workplace: Remote employees and companies creating remote collaborative software.

In over a decade, Facebook has established itself among billions of people. Leveraging over it, Workplace offers similar features as that of personal Facebook account: chats, groups, live streaming. Besides, file sharing, team channels, analytic dashboard are some other features added to Workplace.

Workplace is offering a similar and appealing platform where billions can collaborate in synchronous and asynchronous ways using the platform familiar to billions of people.

Apart from this, let’s look at some of the other features by Workplace:


Workplace admin can create & curate learning and development courses and can post for employees.


A unit within Workplace where the admin can set goal & targets for the team, while employees can share their progress.

Workplace on Portal

Workplace users can make video calls through Portal from Facebook. Portal offers smart AL camera which enhances video calling features and minimizes background noise. The feature also includes automatic video captioning every time a video is posted on Workplace.


Workplace offers impact measurement feature which includes consumption metrics, comment sentiment analysis etc.


Workplace allows you to create a survey using Workplace chat where you can select the audience, time frame, and details & type of survey.

Access code

For non-desk employees (frontline employees) who don’t have a company, the email address can log in to workplace by signing in through a code.

Facebook constantly works on enhancing its Workplace features. It’s constantly adding more and more with passing years. You can visit the Facebook website for the updates on new features.

How does Facebook Workplace Work?

Facebook Workplace is an easy tool to work with considering the familiarity with the Facebook tools like messaging, live, groups etc. over years.


You can set your account by clicking on the link generated when your company starts using Workplace. You can find the link in your business e-mailbox.

To sign in, you need to visit desktop website: [company name] page or can simply download the app.


Workplace allows you to chat with team co-worker. You can do one-to-one conversation or group chat. It’s similar to that of your personal Facebook chatbox, but with added features like file sharing and video team calls.


You can create groups among team members where you share document, post video/image for feedbacks. You can also respond to the post, document in a group.


A newsfeed is a collective place where announcements, updates are made. Newsfeed gathers conversations from all group chat you are a part of, tailored to you in a way you see relevant & trending posts.

Org Chart

Org Chart enables you to quickly look up at individual profile & team information, in order to reduce effort & time trying to figure out who to talk in order to get things done. You simply need to click on someone’s profile, an Org Chart will show up with their location, contact details, manager, team structure and even their daily schedule.


Like in original Facebook, Workplace offers you to follow and connect with any team member, member of other project but in same company, or the team member your company is integrating with. It allows you to see employee’s work details, other information etc.


Company event announcement, details are made using Event. Employees can see who is interested to participate in the event.

Here is a video guide on using Workplace to manage a project.

How is workplace different from Facebook?

Workplace account is a place to connect with team members, join groups related to work project and get company news & update. While your Facebook account is personal. It’s for connecting with friends and family.

An employer cannot access your personal Facebook account, since the workplace account is different and separate from that of your personal account.

Facebook Workplace Pricing

There are three types of Workplace pricing model:


Essential version is the free sign up Workplace plan which is accessed by teams, a smaller number of people. Groups of 50 is allowed with file storage of 5GB per person. It has all the communication features a team needs like Workplace Chat, Video chat & groups.


Advanced version is the paid subscription is $4 per person, per month which can be accessed by entire organisation/company. Unlimited groups can be created with file storage of 1TB per person. In addition, non-desk members (frontline employees) can also access workplace in advanced version.


Enterprise version is another paid subscription for complex organisation, basically multi-national companies. The pricing is $8 per person, per month with unlimited file storage space and can be accessed by non-desk employees. It includes all features in Workplace Advanced plus a 4-hour initial response support time, priority support resolution and early access to new features.

Bottom Line

More than 1000 organisations are using Workplace as their remote tool in times of this pandemic. The global and mobile Workplace isn’t about closed-door meetings or keeping people separated by title, department but it’s about productivity and stronger team growth and engagement which Workplace has been providing to its user. It’s one of the easiest, appealing remote tools out in the market. To learn more about Workplace, here are some awesome video guides. Enjoy Working!

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