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public relations

63.8 billion U.S dollars in 2018

87.2 billion U.S dollars in 2019

130 billion U.S dollars by 2025

 The numbers are not any random statistics but an assurance of a safer future in the field of Public Relations. One of the fastest-growing market across the globe. But what makes public relation the largest growing sector? Let’s delve into to have a clearer vision about it.

What do you mean by Public Relations?

Public relations, also known as PR, is a management function which establishes the mutual lines of communication, understanding and cooperation between the organisation and the public.

A public relation manager communicates with the target audience with digital or new media as its platform to create a positive brand image and a strong relationship with the audience. 

Long story short:

Public Relation is ninety per cent doing good and ten per cent communicating about it. It cannot and should not gloss over the bad deeds of an organization to make them look good, but can and should professionally help to get credit for a job well done by the organization.

What is the role of a Public Relation Manager?

The role of public relations manager is to reports directly to the managing director and is responsible for the PR operations for the company. This include:

Internal & External Publications

The Public Relation Manager role lies in editing and production of all PR publications issued by the company. These include a weekly news sheet, newsletter, PR release and other publications for spreading goodwill amongst the target audience.

Community Relations

Public Relation Manager establishes and maintains a relationship with the community as well as the national community. This involves planned tours, representation of the company at functions, cooperation with the local officials, schools, charities, events etc.

Media Relations

Public Relation Manager forms relations with the local & national, print, electronic media & new media for transmission of company information for publicity. They will be responsible for acting as spokespersons for the company and is responsible for answering all questions from the representatives of the media during press meets. They also maintain records of press coverage obtained for the company, for submission t management monthly.

PR Support to Marketing

Public Relations Manager maintains constant liaison with the sales and marketing divisions and provides support such as product and institutional publicity, assistance in launching new products, development of market-related publicity material, counsel and guidance, the publication of the dealer magazine and assistance in dealer relations.

PR Budgeting

With the input and approval from the managing director and other directors of the company, the public relation manager prepares an annual budget and maintain control of public relation expenditure so that budget levels o not exceed.

PR Agency Coordination

Public Relation Manager is responsible for the selection and liaising with the designated PR consultancy for briefing, planning, finalizing and executing the plans and programs.

Examples of Public Relations

Ways of communicating have changed a lot in Public Relation. Companies are seeking to collaborate with influencers to produce high-quality video content, developing heart-wrenching emotional campaigns to deeply connect with the audience. PR has come a long way with the emergence of new media. Here are some examples of campaigns and let us know if you would like to add to the list. 

If London Were Syria Campaign

Save The Children launched the campaign as a set of videos that were aired on TV and social media. The main purpose of the video was to show people what it is like in Syria. Just because it’s not happening in your country does not mean no one is suffering.

The campaign is an example of a strong emotional appeal. It gained 590 million likes on YouTube since its launch.


McDonald’s opened its smallest store in Sweden which was meant to feed their customers: bees. Aptly named it McHive. McDonald collaborated with NORD DDB a Nordic creative agency to pay homage to several McDonald’s restaurants in Norway who have put beehives on their roofs to save bees.

Soon later many franchises all across Sweden joined hands to spread the word of saving bees from nature.

Share a coke – Coco-Cola

Coco-Cola launched its “Share a Coke” campaign where it swapped its logo with names of most popular names. Consumers were encouraged to find bottles with names they connected with and give them to a friend or family member. Soon it was a hit. Coco-Cola capitalized on social media craze by encouraging their consumers to tweet their photos and experience with the hashtag #ShareaCoke. 

The campaign started in Australia and since has made its way to more than 70 countries. here is the video of the campaign AD launched in India.

Here together- Facebook

Facebook launched a campaign in the wake of Cambridge Analytica scandal. The PR campaign played the nostalgia card by creating on a video message about “get back to what made Facebook good in the first place”.

The campaign focused on cracking down the fake news, clickbait, and other issues that plagued the Facebook platform. 

How to get into Public Relations?

Specific personality traits, skills, and talents are the prerequisites for those who seek public relation as a career. Landing in PR by chance and not by choice is fraught with pitfalls and can be a threat to success.

You don’t necessarily require a degree in Public Relation, but with time many companies are preferring a PR degree. All you need is:

Excellent communication skills

Ability to communicate is the specialization area for a PR professional. This ability makes a person distinct as compared to other people working in the PR industry.

Good knowledge of Media

Media relations in any organization is a major part of the job responsibility of a PR person. They should have a thorough knowledge of the working of media, print, electronic or new media. This ability helps the company to generate a lot of favourable media coverage and resultant goof corporate image.

Understanding the management process

An understanding of the management process helps to have a sense of direction in carrying out public relation roles. Managing media, people, audience efficiently makes all the difference.

Develop work experience

Due to high-level competition at entry-level stages, training experience in the field holds value.PR is a practical field, the more time you spend in the industry the more you network and form relationships. It sharpens your judgement, initiative and creative problem-solving skills.

Bottom Line

My final thoughts about this field would be to network-network-network. The last part of the process would be to never give up on-follow ups. Channelize your inner go-getter attitude and no one can stop you from booming in this very glamourous industry, which tends to grow exponentially with remote work.

By Anshika Awasthi

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