How to build LinkedIn Personal Branding?

linkedin personal branding

Think about the most successful people you know. What do they have in common? Probably this: They have built a strong network of contacts, that provide them support, information and referrals. They have mastered the art of networking.

It takes consistent long term efforts to build networks. Thankfully LinkedIn with 650 million monthly users has totally changed the networking game. LinkedIn personal branding is now a thing.  

During the hiring process, employers tend to verify education, experience, interest while job applicants keep their LinkedIn business strategy in full swing. LinkedIn enjoys almost full monopoly in the professional networking segment with some insignificant competitor’s like Meetup, Zings, Bark etc. So whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, here are the best 10 tips to build LinkedIn personal branding.

Brand an Impressive Profile

Your LinkedIn should be having a pull that draws the eyeballs of your potential employers. It offers various sets of categories to help you develop a detailed profile, that’ll increase your chance of scoring. The major categories are as follow:

Headlines & Sub-headlines – Your profile headline is the first contact point. It must be catchy enough to attract attention. It should be direct & assertive. The sub-headline symbolizes current work position. It is visible when someone points cursor to your name link.

Websites – Give the links to your blogs, personal website, workplace websites etc. Maintaining a digital presence especially with a personal portal on web holds high significance.

Summary – It should be short, catchy. You cannot expect the reader to scrutinize detailed information. A summary should include details about education, experience, achievements, skills and most importantly your USP (Unique Selling Preposition).

Certification – Your qualification should be supported with certificates you successfully completed. These are a critical aspect in professions like trainers, coaches, management, consultants and so on.

Skills & Interest – Hiring managers usually look for applicants with skills that go with the job profile. Mentioning soft skills help you establish your LinkedIn personal branding. While interests portray the personal aspect of your character. For example, a person who loves travelling is assumed to be well versed with people and different culture which in turn is an asset for front office workers.

Groups – The kind of groups you join creates a critical first impression. If you are a member of an executives group, it automatically raises your credibility. Also, you get to learn from experiences from high profiles on LinkedIn. Use it as an inspiration to curate a top notch LinkedIn personal branding.

Honours & Awards – Share relevant honours and awards received. Avoid mentioning irrelevant accolades unless it matches your LinkedIn personal branding. Adding too many awards you earned in past does not carry a lot of prestige.

Slideshare –  Link your presentations that you have uploaded on slideshare. Presentation skills matters in almost every profession you choose for yourself and thus an important component of your brand.

Network Updates

Keep posting updates which demonstrate your achievements and knowledge. Sharing, liking knowledgeably content piece reflects the kind of consumer you are. It should resonate with the LinkedIn personal branding you’re trying to create.

Connect with Right People

If you want to become a marketing brand, develop connections with marketing professionals. If you aspire to be an international brand, develop an international connection. Networking on LinkedIn open gateways for referrals. Common connections become a reference point for new clients. Increase the practice of social farming.

Brand Integrity

Remember everything contributes to your brand integrity, from your education, connections to the social handle username that you use. A professional always use decent jargon. Your digital game reflects your personal brand. Everything on digital is synced and scanned. There is zero scope of error in digital world. Make sure you’re consistent and real with your audience. One of the most fundamental aspect of building LinkedIn personal branding.

Demonstrate your Expertise

Demonstrate your knowledge, skills, expertise & accomplishments by being present and discussing relevant topics with relevant LinkedIn groups. Knowledge is power. Remember little knowledge is dangerous. Make sure you’re well informed. Build sentences in the active tense. Use action words to start a sentence regarding your accomplishments. For example:

Monitor who is viewing your Profile

Monitor your profile views. Send invitations to people with well-chosen words. Once they are connected, they’ll perceive you the way you showcase yourself as a brand on LinkedIn. Develop good impressions among your LinkedIn networks. Use LinkedIn premium to monitor statistics of your LinkedIn profile. Frame your targets accordingly.  

Create your own LinkedIn Group

Become an expert in your niche. Then create groups of alive people on LinkedIn. Discussing and debating over topics makes you well aware of the subject of discussion. Remember sharing only increases knowledge.

Numbers are Critical

Number plays a critical role. Your number of connections you have, the number of cities/countries they come from and the number of publication/blog post you write, all contribute to building a personal brand on LinkedIn.

Publish on LinkedIn

Publishing on LinkedIn enhances credibility. LinkedIn not only gives you a platform to express your thoughts but also opens new avenues of learnings. You get to learn from people’s experience, you get your daily source of news intake, what is everyone up to, professional habits, analysis of consumer behaviour and so many other aspects. Searchability within LinkedIn and search engines improves readerships and generate leads.

Take professional Help

Take the help of a consultant to build a personal brand on LinkedIn. Before creating a profile, a well-planned content calendar helps you analyse a bigger picture. One of the advantages is it gets integrated at one point and it becomes a kind of one-step shop.

Bottom Line

LinkedIn is your new Resume. Employers, potential clients are using social media to vet you before hiring you. In upcoming days, remote work, virtual workplace, digital nomad, virtual assistant, virtual visiting card to everything depending on the remote hiring process, personal branding has evolved digitally. Optimise your LinkedIn accordingly that establishes your personal brand on LinkedIn.

By Anshika Awasthi

Competitive, real; loves to keep working for what it wants. An extrovert who lives by her own ideas and methods.

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