Professional Networking: Things you Need to Know

How many times have you seen an entrepreneur (maybe even yourself) go to a networking event, meet a bunch of good people, then leave and never talk to them again? Too often, right? And it’s not because he doesn’t like them or doesn’t ever want to see them again but because he’s a busy, busy… Continue reading Professional Networking: Things you Need to Know


What is crowdsourcing? Crowdsourcing is a participatory function which involves large group of people to contribute towards common goal often innovation, problem solving, or efficiency in form of ideas, expertise, funds for a project, cause or organisation. The practice is prevalent since 1800’s but flourished only after the internet. In 2021, crowdsourcing is mainly attracting… Continue reading Crowdsourcing

How Coronavirus Has Changed Future of Work

It takes 21 days to change a habit, 66 days to adopt new behaviour and it took a global pandemic to change the future of the workplace around the world. Millions lost their jobs, millions were forced to work in lockdown induced remote working. The future of work suddenly became uncertain to many. So how… Continue reading How Coronavirus Has Changed Future of Work

Understanding Communications

Defining Communication Defining in a broad sense, the situation involving response to a stimulus is communication situations. The central core of the discipline is that communication has its central interest in those behavioural situations in which a source transmits a message to a receiver(s) with conscious intent to affect the latter’s behaviour. Communication is social… Continue reading Understanding Communications

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