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Remote Work & work from home jobs have been prevalent in society, but it’s the year 2020 which has made people realise the importance of remote jobs. There has been continuous exponential growth in job opportunities which lets you work from home or remotely.

Don’t get confused with a virtual assistant, freelancer, telework or just flexible work. There are companies which allow you to work Fully Remotely.

We have listed some of the biggest companies out in the world with the best Remote & Work-from-home jobs curated for you.


The biggest cloud computing business, not only excels in retail but provided dozens of remote work opportunities. For all of you who considered Amazon just as an E-commerce shopping site, its time to burst the bubble.

Amazon currently provides multiple Remote jobs opportunities and side hustle. There is something for everyone.

Amazon is currently looking for remote people to work in marketing, account management, human resources, operational management and even medical professionals especially in crises like coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, more than 1000 work from home jobs that are listed on the company’s virtual locations career site.

You can find these openings in bulk suiting your skillset.

Apart from this, we have listed some of the best handy work from home jobs or gigs offered by amazon. Some of them are well known, while few might surprise you. So dig in to find the best which suits you:

Amazon FBA business

if you want to start your own e-commerce business without having prior knowledge about how to, amazon FBA business is the place for you. Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) gives you a platform to sell your products, become the owner of your retail store and have a handy work from home job except your store is a part of site, where the company takes care of packaging, storing and customer service.

Amazon Mechanical Truck

Amazon M-truck is a crowdsourcing platform where you earn money by doing small tasks such as data mining, transcriptions, freelance writing, surveys etc. The income depends on the types of tasks you do. It’s one of the best opportunity for students and side hustlers who are looking for work from home jobs.

Amazon Influencer Program

Amazon Influencer program is for all the social media superstars. Influencers need to qualify in the Influencer Program to get started. Once it’s done, the qualified influencers get a unique page on Amazon with a URL to start the promotion of their favourite products and have a handy work from home job.

Amazon Flex

Amazon flex allows you to become its delivery pattern. As per the Amazon website, hourly income ranges between $20- $25. All you need is a smartphone and a car to get qualified. you can indicate time of your availability for pick up and drop using the flex app. Amazon flex is one of the easiest work from home job opportunity for students as mostly the work is done from flex app, all they need to do it pick and drop according to their conveyance

Amazon Kindle

Authors can publish their e-book and paperbacks. E-books can give 70% royalties with the advantage of self-quoting price on exclusive rights on Kindle direct publishing all while working from home.

Amazon Vine

It’s a program which gets you free Amazon products in return of unbiased reviews. Its an invite-only program where reviewers are chosen based on their participation in writing unbiased reviews. Work from home job opportunity even in your free time. You earn hourly.

Amazon Trade-in

It’s a program which allows the trade of old electronic gadget for Amazon gift cards.


Google is one of the biggest tech organisations to work for. With products including the Chrome web browser, Android mobile operating system, ADward revenue builder, Youtube video sharing, maps and satellite images, Gmail, file-sharing cloud solutions and more.

Google offers flexible work options for part-time, freelance, temporary work from home and 100% remote opportunities.

To find work from home job options, visit the company’s employment and career site. Search for Jobs openings around the world.

Another way of making money through Google is via its Adsense program. You can post ads feed on businesses that use Google’s Ads program onto your blog or website. Website owners are paid for each click on that comes from their site. The earning is small, however, it adds up if you have good traffic. Google pays once a month by check or fixe deposit if the threshold earning reaches a minimum $100


One of the most valuable technology organisation, Microsoft offers 100% Remote job opportunities for full time and has been hiring since past. The corporation includes over 120,000 employees, 60,000 alone in the United States. Associates working primarily in engineering, cloud & enterprise, sales, marketing, finance, advertising, human resources, strategy, legal and corporate operations. You can find remote job options in Microsoft’s career page.

Microsoft uses Teams, to support remote working, which can hold a 500 person live global meeting that connected employees from over 48 different countries. According to a study by Microsoft, they have seen a daily record of  2.7 billion meeting minutes in one day, a 200% increase since 2019.


Automatic, the company is genius behind WordPress, Longreads, Gravatar, PollDaddy and other tools on which many rely on day-in and day-out. Automattic is a fully remote company with 500 employees across 50 nations.

Automatic hires for over dozens of remote positions in engineering, business, product, marketing, support document and much more.

One can find remote jobs opening at Open positions page on Automattic official website. the virtual hiring process and job responsibilities are listed on the website itself. Benefits ranging from health insurance to free travel cost, Automattic is one of the best remote companies out in the world with utmost employee satisfaction growth.


Buffer is another fully distributed company with more than 80 employees working in several countries. The company provides software applications for the web and mobile, designed to manage social media as well as analyse the engagement with the community.

You can visit Buffer job openings for remote work options. the company is also one of the most transparent Saas companies, sharing hiring, practices, salaries, revenue details, product roadmaps and more on their transparency page.

In addition to it, buffer employee enjoys perks of unlimited vacation, free books and kindle & annual international retreats.


10up if a Web design and development consulting service with more than 200 fully remote employees spread across the world working fully remotely.

The distributed team of 10up uses Slack, Google Hangout to stay connected remotely. The company has also launched many tools in past, for an instant, currently, they have launched AcceleRev, a vital tool for publishers.

There are remote jobs available in web strategy, design, engineers, product managers, designers, advertising specialists and much more.


Articulate is a 100% remote software development company which creates tools for e-learning courses for the web and mobile. Founded in 2002, the company works on the principle of empowering people. Empowering them to work from anywhere. There’s no corporate office and zero formality.

The company helps its employees to set their home office with tools an equipments and required technology. Also, the company provides a $100 a month wellness program, covers health insurance and a flexible Paid time off and annual retreats.

You can take a glance at Articulate job openings for a remote career forward.


Hubspot is a business to business (B2B) software company. Glassdoor named it number #1 best place to work in 2020. The company is marching towards fully remote working lately. They have dedicated tens of thousands of employees working remotely spread in 7 countries across the world.

Hubspot provides career opportunities in almost every field. You can visit open remote positions to find suitable remote work for yourself.

Hubspot has its resource called Remotespot which gives employees quick access to tailored information, programming and support. They use Slack and zoom for remote team meetings.

According to Katie Burke, chief people officer Hubspot is determined to build a remote culture in a company. Employees work remotely full time, work from home time to time and also work in different locations for a change in scenery.


Arkency is is a consulting agency that builds business software, trains programmers, and produces books and webinars. They’re always hiring top notch coders, testers who can brilliantly communicate with the clients. The company’s three pillar constitutes of Anarchy, Async, Remote.

The company is open for individual who has strong programming skillset. You can visit Arkency’s hiring page to explore opportunities in remote coding.


Lionbridge is an American company which provides localization & AL training services. The company offers content and testing, global marketing, machine intelligence, multilingual websites, and engineering services. The team member has options to work from home or remote work in the company’s 47 offices spanning in 26 countries.

 Lionbridge also offers part-time, freelance, and remote work through its Global Crowdsourcing Community, a program designed to provide work-at-home job opportunities for professionals and university students around the world. Past postings include positions in various fields, such as editing, research, translations, bilingual jobs and much more.

The company utilizes pipeline listings. Thus means it can hire hundreds and thousands of candidates for a single listing.

Bottom line

The trend of remote jobs in exponentially increasing from time to time. The growth graph has forced multinational companies to mandate remote work options in their hiring pages.

Numerous companies are offering remote working, and there are plenty of reasons why they should start working remotely in 2020.

By Anshika Awasthi

Competitive, real; loves to keep working for what it wants. An extrovert who lives by her own ideas and methods.

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